What to look for in a Social Worker Resume


Social workers are highly qualified professionals who are committed to assisting individuals in overcoming obstacles and resolving difficulties. They work with people from various walks of life, including children, families, veterans, and the homeless. They do so in a variety of contexts, including hospitals, schools, mental health institutions, and charity groups.

Social workers are emotional intelligence experts. They can read people like a book, anticipating their needs and responding appropriately. They also have a talent for forming deep bonds based on mutual trust and respect. These are the abilities that enable social workers to be so effective in resolving disputes, developing communities, and assisting individuals in thriving.

When the time comes to hunt for a new job, here are some pointers and a sample resume to help you develop an effective Social Worker Resume  that will catch the attention of hiring managers.

Create Captivating Bullet Points

The most efficient technique to highlight your experience and qualifications is using bullet points. Instead of merely stating your tasks, you can make your bullet points far more fascinating and captivating by giving particular information about the projects you worked on, the consequences of your work, and the outcomes of your efforts.

Instead of saying you “offered counseling services to customers,” you might say you “gave counseling services to clients in crisis, resulting in a 90% drop in emergency department visits over six months.”

The second bullet point provides a considerably more detailed overview of the project and its outcome. It also delivers a quantitative outcome, which is always a good thing when attempting to establish your worth.

Choose and Include Relevant Keywords

When you apply for a position as a social worker, your resume will most likely be sent through an applicant tracking system (ATS). This application will search your resume for terms linked to the job, such as “patient care” or “counseling.” If your CV lacks sufficient relevant keywords, the ATS may automatically reject your application.

Use this list of typical social work keywords as a starting point to help you determine the abilities and experience you want to highlight on your resume to boost your chances of receiving an interview:

  • Work in Social Services
  • Case Management in Mental Health
  • Intervention in a Crisis