A Parent’s Basic Guide to Classical Schools


In the US, there is no dearth of schooling options for children – Think of charter schools, public schools, private schools, and classical schools. As a parent, you may want to know more on classical education, and if this could be the right choice for your child. Finding a classical school spring Texas is not hard, but before you look for enrollment, there are some things worth knowing.

The basics

Students at classical schools learn more than just the basics. They are exposed to literature, fine arts, and classic philosophy, besides the sciences. Educators working at classical schools are specially trained, and they teach what is called the ‘trivium’, comprising of grammar, logical, and rhetoric, and also Quadrivium, which compromises of music, astronomy, geometry, and mathematics. Simply put, classic education focuses on the divine. While your child will learn the basic principles of mathematics, they will also learn that mathematics is a tool too. Students also learn about biology, chemistry, and physics, because all other sciences are dependent on these three.

For instance, biology in a classical school is more than just about anatomy, but more about why beings exist and how they change, while chemistry allows students to explore how different forces bring in change. The curriculum also focuses on aspects of human existence, soul, ethics and politics.

How are classic schools different?

Modern schools rely on group learning, evidence, and technology, and while this form of education is centered around the child, there is less focus on individuals and more on the core goals that unite a group. Classic education, on the other hand, is more focused on a teacher-centric approach. It allows teachers and educators to ignite and create interest in the divine spark. This doesn’t mean that your child wouldn’t learn the basics of standard curriculum. In fact, he gets exposed to fine art and literature early on in life, and that allows him to explore his life and career better.

Making a choice

If you want to find the best classical school in Texas, just look up online, and consider paying a personal visit. You would want to know what sets a classical school apart from others, and don’t shy away from asking questions, because this is an important decision for your child. Once you know the basics and why classical education may work better for your kid, you will not have a tough time making the decision.