Five Benefits From Home Schooling


2020 has been full of surprises—one of them being the fact that basically, all parents have now had to take on a second job of being a school teacher.

It can feel like an intimidating task, as your child’s education is the foundation for the rest of their lives. But thanks to programs like primer, you can be well equipped to make at-home learning fun and enriching for both you and your child.

Home schooling, even before Covid-19 forced all of us to do it, has been a really common option for thousands of households. In fact, thanks to the digital age, it is easier and easier to make home schooling work for all types of families and learning abilities.

Here are some incredible benefits of home schooling—for both the students and the teacher!

  1. Your child will feel better prepared for tests

Studies are showing that children who are home schooled tend to perform better on tests. This statistic remains true for elementary students all the way through to a high-schooler needing to take the ACT or SAT. This is because they can learn at their own pace and review information that they particularly struggle with. Plus, they get their teacher at a one-on-one level to ensure they are feeling confident with the information before the test.

  1. Your child will avoid school bullying

One of the biggest problems with attending school in the 21st century is the rise in school bullying. Being a kid is hard, but the emotional trauma that has increased from school bullying in recent years is counter-productive to your child’s wellbeing and success. They can truly be themselves at home and not have to feel like they need to act a certain way to fit in and avoid being the target of another school bullying incident.

  1. They will have more free time to do other activities

When you teach your child at home, there is actually no homework! This means that your child will finish their assignments during the day, leaving them with more time to do other activities like sports, music, language or any other types of activities. So there should not be any more late-night evenings with your child stressing about getting homework done on time.

  1. There is an entire community for them to be a part of

A common misconception is that children who home school won’t be able to improve their social skills. But because so many people home school now, your child will have an entire online community to be a part of. And, they will still be able to improve their social skills in person too at any of the range of activities or hobbies they are interested in. Home schooled kids tend to actually excel more in sports and music!

  1. You get more time with your child

Spend less time in the car and in traffic and instead spend more time with the people that matter most to you—your children! With you and your child at home learning together, you will be able to spend more time with them and enjoy a more flexible schedule. This means that taking family trips will be easier and you can do as many field trips as you want and ensure they coincide with your work schedule!

These five reasons are just the beginning of all the benefits that home schooling produces. Not only will they be able to perform better on tests, establish true self-confidence and identity, enhance their social skills and talents, but they will most importantly get valuable time with you! Being a parent automatically makes you their life teacher, so why not transfer that skill of yours into the classroom too?