Starting college means a fresh start. It is the beginning of new experiences and learning. When you are starting this new phase of life, you are going to need a place to stay especially when you are going to a far off college. When you are looking for housing options, there are multiple that you can choose from. One of the first things that you look at is how the room is. Though the interiors and comfort of the room are other amenities that come along with it are also equally important. These amenities can make or break the experience of living alone. The Arc University of Manitoba Residence is the ideal option for all students. The residence has been designed keeping everything in mind. The room’s interiors are a class apart, but the extra amenities add to it. Here are some other factors that you should consider when deciding on student accommodation.

High-Speed Internet

In the past few decades, the world has truly become digital. The time spent in the library researching something is now separate from the time spent on the laptop researching the same thing. The Internet has made knowledge highly accessible. In a student’s life, the internet plays a really crucial role. All the assignments, researches and even classes require the use of the internet. The Arc understands how central the internet is to a student’s life. The luxury residence provides its students with high-speed internet. Apart from academics, you can also stream the latest content on your Smart TVs, which is present in every room.

State of the art Gym

Physical and mental health are deeply interconnected. It becomes even more crucial to take care of your physical health and remain fit. Academic life can take a toll. Sometimes we end up using that as an excuse to not go to the gym. There are always innovative excuses to not exercise. The resort quality gym in the building will help you get motivated to work out.

Centrally located

Getting up on time for an early morning class can be a struggle for some. Especially if you are living off-campus, the travel to college can give you nightmares. It is always better to live in a residential facility that is closer to campus. The Arc is right opposite the gate of the University of Manitoba. All you have to do is simply cross the road, and you will reach your class right on time. There is a bus stop right outside the building.

Ease of access to Businesses

Many times people underestimate how busy a student’s life can be. Being all wrapped up in your deadlines can really make you forget things. Sometimes, some people even forget to eat. The Arc is well aware of all of that. There are multiple businesses in the building, and right behind the building is the Real Canadian Superstore. Whatever your requirements are, you don’t have to go too far. There are also many famous restaurants around that you can visit.