Why Is It better to Learn Japanese From a Japanese Tutor?


Learning proper Japanese is not an easy thing to do. You may find many debatable ways to learn the language quickly, for example, from watching Japanese dramas and watching anime. Keep in mind that those are for entertainment purposes, and it may surprise you that Japanese people do not normally speak like what you see in those media.

One of the certain ways to learn Japanese is by living in Japan, but the cost would be quite high. Another way is by taking classes. Whether you take your class online or offline, you need to know who your tutor is. Some even say that it is better to learn from a native Japanese tutor, and here are the reasons:

They are Native

This may be a little bit obvious, but they can speak and write really well. They grow up speaking Japanese, and what better way to learn the language from a person who uses it every day. Another point is that you can hear them pronounce and speak, giving you an authentic Japanese accent. Therefore, you will most likely get used to hearing how Japanese natives speak.

You Can Mimic Them

When you take a Japanese class taught by native a Japanese tutor, it is an opportunity to copy his or her pronunciations. Your tutor’s way of speaking is a great example if you want to speak almost as good as the natives. Aside from that, they can quickly help you to pronounce the words that you may find difficult.

Understand Context

Although this might be debatable, native tutors tend to know more about their language’s than foreigners, such as idioms, sarcasm, expressions, etc. This also means that the native tutors understand more about the dos and don’ts in socializing. Getting trustful information from the inside is rare to come by.

Get to Know Japanese Mindset

Each nation has its own different mindset; therefore, every language is unique. You will be accustomed to how Japanese people express their thoughts and feelings using their language. Keep in mind that different languages mean different cultures. You study a language; you also study their culture.

In conclusion, a native Japanese tutor has a lot to offer. Of course, that does not mean that foreign Japanese teachers are not good. Foreign tutors understand and know how it feels to learn Japanese, and they had been in your shoes before. Whether you choose a native or a foreign tutor, it is up to your determination in learning it!