Vaccination A Must For Every Child Going To School!


Health is a very important topic many people fail to take seriously. However, with an ongoing pandemic like covid-19 in existence, people have started realizing the importance of their health and started taking things seriously. They have started eating healthy, going for walks, exercising, and even eating supplements to strengthen their immune system. If we are healthy then only, we can live life and do things in life that we want to. Vaccination is a very important safety measure against various diseases. It increases our immunity against various diseases and prevents us from contracting them.

Vaccination is very, very important when it comes to keeping our children healthy and disease-free. They do not understand the importance of hygiene and protection against diseases, and some even eat from the floor, do not wash their hands before eating, or even do not cover themselves while sneezing or coughing. And then the diseases spread from one child to another. There are also some diseases like measles or chickenpox that happen to everyone once in their lifetime. So, it is essential to vaccinate children and keep them safe, healthy, and protected.

Children and their vaccines

Children have to be protected from Tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, BCG, Hepatitis, etc. Many such vaccine doses need to be given to children and completed. They also need to be given polio doses. Children also need to be vaccinated against tuberculosis. It is a very deadly disease, and children need to be protected at any cost. Many schools conduct medical examinations for every student of theirs in every year of their schooling. It is a very good step and mandatory to keep the children healthy and growing normally. Some schools also make it mandatory for children to get vaccinated and enrol those children in their schools. Vaccination required for school as it also ensures your children are healthy and capable of educating themselves. It is a good cause as some parents fail to do so due to negligence or money matters. Some schools also make physical examinations compulsory and make sure every child is safe and healthy.

It is necessary to have a checklist for your children in their growing years. A checklist to maintain the height, weight, and cleanliness of their ears, nails, etc. Many schools keep a tab on that too. It is crucial to pay attention to the children’s health in the growing years to make sure they are not falling short of any vitamins or minerals.

If your children’s school asks for vaccinations and health tests, please do not hesitate in doing the needful as the schools are only looking after your children and please have your children vaccinated to protect them from various deadly diseases and keep them healthy and safe to grow up to be some solid individuals.