Teacher Training Doesn’t End After Probation


Teachers in the UK must complete a probationary period before they qualify to teach alone. However, teacher training does not – and should not – end with probation.

Teachers go through heavy workloads in terms of studying and training. They need to know everything about their chosen subject, then they need to study extra to learn the teaching part of the job. Most UK based teachers train this way, unless they are primary school teachers. These employees train in a wide range of subjects so they can answer all questions and guide young minds. Given that we advance in information and research all the time, that training needs to be refreshed now and then to stay up to date.

Teachers Have a Difficult Job

A career in teaching is doubly difficult to careers in other walks of life. For example, your average teacher doesn’t just have to know their subject matter, they also need to lead their charges by example. This means your life as a teacher extends beyond the classroom and into your social life. You cannot be unfit to teach. This means a limit on alcohol intake, staying away from recreational drugs, avoiding causing scenes on the internet, and generally maintaining a good standing in the local community for the sake of your career. You even need a portfolio if you are going freelance as a tutor.

On top of this, you have double the work to do than other professions. You don’t leave your work in the classroom; you take it home with you. You take it home to create lesson plans for the following days, to mark assignments, and to give extra help to that one student who is a little behind. A career in teaching means constantly updating and refreshing your training, too, so that you remain an expert in your field.

Further Training that is Essential for Teachers

If you are a teacher, or if you run a teaching facility, then you already know that you need to keep on top of the training you do. Obviously, you need refresher courses in your area of study, but there are specific aspects to teaching that go beyond these confines. Here are some types of training you should be taking as a teaching professional.

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding helps we teachers spot the areas of concern in some students’ lives. It is necessary so that we recognise students who are in trouble, who are in danger, or who are suffering from neglect and abuse. The UK government guidelines state that all teachers should undertake safeguarding training at least once per year. Nowadays, you can even do it online through sites like Hays Education.

CPD Courses

Continued Professional Development courses teach you a variety of things. They are specific and usually short. You can learn how to teach in formal institutions, learn how to run teaching events, or qualify in another language. Whatever your extracurricular activities are, there’s probably a CPD course that lets you gain a qualification in it. Give it a try. It’s a great way to develop on from the standard PGCE.