Strategic Ways Of Managing Your Team For Great Productivity


The team motivation consulting or management of teams should not be done only by HR, but joint work in this sector with the leaders of each team. Employees and managers must be allies and grow together as a team. Here are ways to manage a team

Use Training As Allies

Many people relate the word “training” to something boring that will just take up your time when you say the word ” training. A team leader can find collaborators who think this way, and their mission is to change that idea. The training should then be used as allies, a way to pass knowledge and at the same time bring the team their manager. Consider working with online courses and even involving games to make the training more enjoyable.

Delegate Tasks

Some leaders prefer to take all activities for themselves rather than delegate them to their subordinates. This situation gives the impression that you don’t trust your team, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. It is necessary, when managing teams, to learn to delegate tasks, and the leader is only responsible for guiding those responsible for carrying out each activity within the deadline.

Provide Feedback

Good team management has a leader who constantly provides feedback to his team members. It’s a way to keep the team together and show that you care about everyone and that they should work together without that separation between boss and employee. At each activity performed, try to give feedback, as this practice works together with motivation.

The negative feedback can be given more lightly. Start by praising something right and then move on to what needs to be changed.

Work The Planning Well

Develop short-term and long-term strategies and pay attention to how they will be executed. Remember that it is the leader’s responsibility to pass on these strategies so that employees can understand and follow them. Planning should be centered on the leader and then passed on to the entire team, not overloading any employee.

Know How To Mitigate Conflicts

Conflicts happen in any environment, including companies. In team management, the leader should not ignore them, as something that starts small can become a big problem. Ideally, you don’t take sides and listen to what those involved in the conflict say. The main thing is not to ignore it and let the problem become even greater, causing damage to the team and the company.

Create Bonds And Respect Differences

Leave the boss/employee mentality out of the company. We currently work with leaders and employees to ensure good team management. Nobody is better than anybody else. Create bonds with your team and be an empathetic person. Remember that each person has a life outside the company and that some external situations can interfere with their performance. Also, respect the differences and don’t give preference only to those who think the same as you.