How Do NCERT Books Play a Major Role in Students’ Examination Preparation?


Class 12 is a vital year in any student’s life. We recommend students of class 12 to refer to the NCERT Books when they get stuck while solving the exercise questions. These answers can help students clear doubts quickly and help in learning the topic efficiently. Master professors have solved these exercises to support students to prepare for their exam to attain good marks in the subject.

So we advised students to study Class 12 Solutions of NCERT Maths to enhance the fundamentals and be able to answer questions that are usually asked in the examination. The NCERT Solution is also right available for the ones who wish to start building a strong foundation in mathematics now. Taking efforts to learn and understand will have a greater impact on life in the later stages. Thus, watch how mathematics grows you up. NCERT Solutions incorporates all the essential topics and gives explanatory answers according to the question.

All the solutions discussed in the study material are accurate and refreshed according to the latest syllabus. When Students started solving the textbook questions of each chapter, they should relate their answers with the solutions so that they get an idea on which topic revision required. Students can stop reoccurring errors which will support them while answering the final question paper by referring to those solutions.

So here we give you a few golden tips on how to score well in the subject.

  • Get to know the examination pattern. Knowing the examination pattern helps one to understand the weightage of that chapter. Students can prepare according to that.
  • Have a basic plan or prepare a strategy. Firstly, prepare yourself as to which questions to attempt. Follow the CBSE board pattern marks breakup and answer wisely.
  • Manage time effectively. Balancing time is more important while preparing for the exam. Taking frequent breaks may help you in refreshing your mind.
  • Speed and Accuracy. Increase the speed of solving the problem. To check upon the easy steps on how to solve a problem, students can refer to Class 10 Solutions of NCERT Maths. The solutions here are provided in an easily understandable manner, where every student can secure the top score in the exams.
  • Make a note of important points. By jotting down essential formulas and topics, it would help brush up the concepts easily, when the exams are just round the corner.
  • Keep practising previous year question papers. These would help in solving complex problems at ease.

These books are widely used by the students who wish to score high in board exams. For NCERT Solutions for Class 10 and 12 Maths solutions, you can visit the BYJU’S website, where you can get step by step answers to all the questions provided in NCERT textbook. Hence, students should learn all the concepts provided in the syllabus to understand the crucial topics.

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